About Us

Kidsat is an educational site targeting kids and other age groups in which you can find many videos of learning in different fields (Play doh – Drawing and Coloring – Crafts to make).
In our site, you can find all what you need to improve your child’s skills and why not your skills as well.

We have 3 principal categories :

  • Play Doh : You can find many videos for kids from all ages teaching how make many modeling with Play Doh, Plasticine, Magic sand, Doh, Kinetic Sand, Jelly monster and many other types.
    You will learn how to make : Food, Items, Ice cream, Cakes, Cartoon characters, Cars… etc.
  • Drawing and Coloring : You can find many videos for kids and babies to teach drawing and coloring.
    These videos is mostly about coloring pictures, coloring books, drawings and many other things.
  • Crafts to make : You can find many videos of creative DIYs, funny learning,tips and tricks, creative issues tutorials for kids and whole Families.
    You will find really interesting and useful DIY ideas that will inspire you to create a beautiful something with your own hands.